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  • Steve Fitz

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    Agreed. I'm plenty impressed with the car. It's like a much less insane Singer. Completely random thought: Those new wheels Magnus released would look great on the car as they are a fresh update on the Fuchs but look a bit more vintage.

  • Guest (Pete)

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    Maybe I'm off a bit here to but you take a near-perfect car ( the early Porsches, at least to me, are one example) and make it just a bit more "perfect"...what's wrong with that? Hell, I'd do it if I had the money.

  • Simply stunning.
    As a huge Porsche enthusiast for over 40 yrs I am very impressed with this 912.
    I agree, the first thing that came to my mind was "Singer" as well. But not so much to the incredible attention to detail as Singer. But this example of modernized (improved) 912 is stunning. And it's done tastefully. The important thing to remember here is that this 912 has been kept alive and even improved. There's nothing wrong with that. And this example might even be more affordable than a beautiful Singer.
    Much respect to Guild.
    Another amazing article by Petrolicious.

  • Guest (Chris)

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    While I don't know Gavin personally, I do know some of the people involved with this build. While the concept is wonderful, in my view it was poorly executed and is not as beautiful or as "special" as is puported. Having been a longtime fan of Petrolicious, and having watched the achingly beautiful films made of truly incredible cars and their uber-cool custodians over and over again, I feel that this car doesn't belong here. Having said that though, I'm happy Tim Abbot and his team are getting exposure - they're ace!

    from Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Guest (Ryan)

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    I have not seen the bicycle or surfboards but I have seen the car up close.
    I've also seen it being raced. It's awesome!

    from Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Guest (Andreas)

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    As cool as this build is, it has NOTHING to do with a 912.
    Putting a six cylinder in a 912 makes it a 911, period.
    They only used a 912 body because it was cheeper than using an early 911.
    So labelling it as the "cleanest 912 ever" really seams blashpemous to me as a 912 owner.
    But that's just nitpicking, I still love the content on this site!

  • Keith Kenitzer

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    As I commented in the first installment of this series, and agree with Andreas, this ceased being a 912 when a 2.7 liter 911 motor replaced the historically wonderful and reliable 1.6 liter 4 cylinder Porsche motor and to continue to represent it as a 912 is not correct. Again, some of the upgrades / changes they have made aren't really to my taste either, such as the wheels and the tombstone seats. There is no doubt the craftsmanship is there, which I think is what the "Dutchmann Guild" are all about with all of their products. When I read this and see what they are doing it reminds me more of what Shinola is doing in Detroit than what Singer is doing. I think I'd also agree a bit with T.J. Martin that there is a certain amount of "hipster" marketing here, not that that's intentional or a bad thing. Most "new" things in technology and design are based on iconic ideas and designs of the past and marketing to folks who tend to get it, or at least like to think they get it, is a smart way to go. I will wait and see where The Dutchmann go with their other projects before passing judgement. As always, Petrolicious remains one of my favorite web sites because of profiles like this.

  • How nice the car looks. You guys done it again, a misleading title. This is a 911! What makes a 912, is they 912 engine a awesome engine. But this isn't a 912 it's a 911, so change the title to: ''A another 912 is ruined by some idiot.''

  • I had no idea a vehicle could generate so much righteous debate! But since I put my car out as a lollypop, I should expect the odd lick. I will however say this - I have as much respect for the purists as I do for the hackers. We love these cars for different reasons and that's all good. Fundamentalism should perhaps be reserved for less exciting topics - like accounting maybe? My sincere advice is to spend less time on one's keyboard and more time behind the wheel. And Felix, sorry that you feel mislead buddy. In recompense, we'll send you a sea urchin in the mail. Upon arrival - hold and squeeze tightly.

  • Guest (Flip)

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    Good work but not outstanding, that's my bone of contention, how their products are punted and priced as bespoke but fall rather short. This is more graphic designers putting a bit of slick onto work farmed out to "master craftsman"(actually that's whoever is capable and ends up doing the work, with their team of poorly paid black labourers - as can be seen on their website) and the laughable term "hand restored", as if anything could be restored other than by hand (and to be totally accurate the restoration work is done with "hand guided power tools"), all done on behalf on some greedy but sharp marketing minded "people".
    The photos of the car here and on the Dutchmann site are hideous, most badly tweaked out of gamut, see the bottom 2 pics on this page of the car parked in front of the same garage door, notice how the garage doors are a different colour in each pic? Amateurs posing as professionals, hopefully they'll up their game to match the marketing.

    from Johannesburg, South Africa