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Comments (7)

  • Christopher Gay

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    Love it!
    Love old machinery.
    This guy is great!
    Looks like fun to work on.
    Thanks for sharing.

    from Chula Vista, CA, USA
  • Steve Jain

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    I so want a Mille Miglia eligible car and particularly a Pre War car!

  • orgigeorgie

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    amazing. What a cool dude :)

  • Jim Valcarcel

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    I have to admit that when I saw that this video was about a "Pre-War" car I thought that this video would be about some old rattle trap thing and that Petrolicious had finally produced a dud. This video went on to show what an ignorant car person I really am. The car is a work of art. Mr. Vesco that owns it is among the truest of car guys I have ever seen.
    Thank you Petrolicious for taking me to school and helping me to learn more about the car hobby than I ever thought I would know. What a fantastic video and as always thank you making my Tuesday a better day! I look forward to next Tuesday when I will learn more and more about the car world courtesy of PETROLICIOUS. You folks are the best!

    from Sedona, AZ, USA
  • Afshin Behnia

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    I wasn't that much into pre-war cars either, but being at the Mille Miglia really changed that. Seeing those '30s Alfas, BMW 328s, Jaguars, Ferraris, and others being driven hard in the rain was quite an impressive sight!

    Thanks for the compliments, by the way! I'm glad we exposed you to another side of vintage cars that you might have otherwise ignored. Meeting Mr. Vesco was very inspiration and educational for us too.

  • Christer Lundem

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    Great stuff, it is what it is all about. Find your own passion!

  • Christopher Jones

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    I have one of these (a tourer not a coppa d'alpi") I love it and drive it most weekends in the spring/summer/early autumn. I took my daughter to school in mine this morning. They are such reliable cars with a good deal of torque and not a bad top speed (55mph).
    I lust after that SIATA overhead valve conversion though !!

    from Reading, UK