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  • Ae Neuman

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    the original aw10 was a little gem.
    the early second generation aw20 was an evil handling car, later cars were much better.
    toyota redeemed itself with the aw30, an under appreciated future classic.

  • Matthew Lange

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    As always a great video, and I must admit I did go and surf the classifieds for MR2's after watching it, despite previously not being much of a fan of the Gen2 cars. All versions of the MR2 are ridiculously cheap here in the UK now.

    Is that Josh's MK 1 seen briefly in the video?

  • Josh Clason

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    Good eye. As much as I love the SW20, the AW11 is what captured my heart during the filming of this video.

  • joe turner

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    I bought an mr2 mk2 just because i was looking for a car for 500 pounds, it was that or a astra 1.4 :( the mr2 was cheaper on insurance so i opted for the mr2. That was 3 and half years ago and i still have it, never let me down. I since bought a gt4 celica, but still cant bring myself to sell the mr2 and watching this makes me miss driving it think i migh have to get her going again :)

    from England, UK
  • motoring con brio

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    Mister Two! One of the last cool cars that Toyota built. I remember loving these when they were new.

  • joseph n

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    So many wonderful late model Japanese automobiles - MR2's, S2000's, supra's etc... All destened to become classics! Thanks for stepping out of the box, Petrolicious.

  • Todd Cox

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    I love this video. This is the kind of car owner that I'd love to have a brew with and discuss the merits of our cars. And maybe I can! I see TX plates in those photos; maybe a photoshoot is in order. Masruque, get in touch!

  • Masruque Murtoza Ali

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    Hey Todd, Thanks a lot for the wonderful feedback ! Where in TX are you located ?

  • JanMichael Franklin

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    I owned a 1995 MR-2 Turbo a few years ago, the rarest of this type. He's right, I wish I had never let it go.

  • Sherri Lorenz

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    I have a 1991 MR2 turbo and I love it. I bought it back in 1991 brand new and it has less than 100,00 miles on it. This is a great video and states exactly the way I feel about the MR2. Lots of people don't even know what these cars are.