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  • Josh Clason

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    Jeff owns these two cars. The 964 is the actual car he raced up Pikes Peak in the 90's. Jeff still competes in Pikes Peak to this day albeit in much newer 911s(https://vimeo.com/69942207). The white car is an early 911 and is an original low-mileage one.

  • ElGato

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    Thanks for the deets.

  • pjrebordao

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    Guess, I'll have to grab the keys and go for a night ride tonight...

    It will sound silly to most people, but I really feel privileged to own an early-ish (74) 911. It's really unique in its drive and feel.

    from Lisbon, Portugal
  • Beautiful video about beautiful cars.
    I `m a big fan and i own a g 911 for 3 years now, i am still impress of the way it handle and feel.
    What a fantastic peace of engeneering.

  • Marios Pappas

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    "...so when that day came to learn to drive, we went out to a big vacant parking lot and, actually I drove a 911 for the frirst day I ever drove a car"!

    Such anice introduction! It remind me of my first driving day with my father. It was in a big vacant lot as well. I really wish I could own a vintage car one day...

    from Athens, Greece
  • C Helme

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    Without wishing to be negative, this is blatantly an advertorial by Porsche, so nice car though it may be, it seems to be a bit forced; advertising to promote the brand rather than a genuine love of motoring. Shame.

    I wouldn't want this great website to be full of these adverts, so I for one would hope its not repeated.

  • Afshin Behnia

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    Jeff is one of the most passionate Porsche enthusiasts I know, and he's got the substance to back up anything he says (4 time Pike's Peak champion in a 911, accomplished director, photographer, artist). So yes, he is a walking advertisement for Porsche, but it's all authentic and Porsche had no say in this production. We're grateful to Porsche for the sponsorship.

  • C Helme

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    Thanks for your response Afshin.

    Its great that there are adverts to support the website. I wouldn't wish anything less and hope others approach you to advertise their products too.

    The video itself just didn't seem to be that personal/genuine, thats all. All other content here has been reallly enjoyable to read and watch.

    Thanks for the good work :-)

  • Afshin Behnia

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    Hey C, I know you support the site, I appreciate your frequent comments! We hope to do another video with Jeff and one of his other gems in his collection. We'll be sure to bring out more of his personal story next time.

  • Steve Fitz

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    I couldn't disagree more. If Porsche or an auction house want to mix some sponsored content into the site it's fine by me. The amount of work that goes into producing these gems each week is sobering. It takes money to do what these people are doing. In this case the cars were beautiful and the story was fairly interesting. If this is the state of advertising in this day and age I'll take it.

    Nobody forces us to consume this media. If you see a sponsor's logo at the start of a video and don't want to watch, don't watch.

    What I wouldn't want is for this great website to be full of entitlement-based whining.