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  • Matthew Lange


    I guess the overcast conditions were not your ideal day for shooting but they somehow add to the Scandinavian cool of this car. Looks like it should be in an episode of The Killing (original Danish version)!
    Is the SPG spec the US equivalent of the Aero in the UK?

  • Xander Cesari


    Yep, the SPG = Aero in the US. Though it doesn't say SPG anywhere on the car, actually.

  • saabfan9


    thank you petrol and Jordan ... really can relate about the silhouette of the c900 .. my first venture into the saab world was a base (I mean BASE) 1990 c900 4dr at that moment in time I thought it was the ugliest car I had ever seen, the porters could not get the key out of the ignition so they asked me to have a look. well now i'm sitting behind the wheel, and like the rest of us any manual trans is worth a drive, I got back from my "test drive" bought the car on the spot and have driven them since. currently have 4 of them .. (1973-1984-2000-2005) .. really could not imagine driving anything else (I've owned a lot of pretty cool cars but the saab's seem to do everything asked of them really well)

    from Chicago, IL, USA
  • Steijn Uijttewaal


    A really nice example of a end of series original 900.

    The later model 900 was in fact really a dull Opel Vectra underneath, although the Swedish enigineers did improve the Vectra chassis to comply with their safety standards.
    The Triumph engine was in fact only used in the 99 series, later on Saab engineered their own engines.

    As a student I drove a 90, later on I owned a 900 2,1 16 valve and a 9000 16 valve full turbo.

    I never got to terms with the Opel engineered Saabs, I just didn't like them. Saab originally has always had that "out of the box thinking" which I never found back in their Opel SAAB's

    I started driving BMW's and now I own an 2013 A6, however I still crave for that full Turbo I once had.

  • Kurt Uzbay


    Very nice video,.. I owned a '91 9000 CSE Turbo. What a great car it was. Hunter Green w calfskin int. The only prob was the climate control. You put it on and a gorilla monsoon would flow thrrough the vents .. anyway.. One of the cars in my collection is the Dutch Spyker (C8 Spyder); Spyker actually to bought Saab from GM; then GM went essentially bankrupt and re-negged on the deal. Spyker sued and the case was/is currently thrown out of court (governing law/and the case were in Detroit, good luck Spyker).... Kurt

  • Adrian Butterworth


    Saabs are built to last - and they do unless they are victims of crash damage or live in particularly bad climates. A lot of the 900's we see now need some remedial rust work - but the youngest one is now 20 years old! There is simply no other car's of that vintage around that have done hundreds of thousands of miles like a Saab can do. Saabs soldier on for many miles without even basic maintenance meaning that most of the (admittedly cheap) cars I've ever bought have needed a fair amount of work to bring them back up again - but once that's done they are fantastic cars that with a couple of tweaks can embarrass many modern performance cars...

    Believe it or not Saab actually commissioned British firm Ricardo Engineering to design the engine - they then ran out of money and Triumph manufactured it and Saab put it into the 99 for a couple of years before completely redesigning it. There are no common parts and most of the engineering is entirely different only the basic layout remains the same which was always part of Saabs original design brief. People often forget that the Saab 99 was designed in the 1960's - the end of production 1993 SPG shared the majority of its design - and formidable crash protection...

    I got into Saabs when I was young as they were relatively cheap - were the fastest things you could buy and you could get five guys and their wetsuits and boards in easily or put the back seat down and convert the car into a double bed for weekends away... Now I'm a little bit older I have a tuned convertible that people completely ignore with the roof up (until it leaves them behind) or if the roof's down there's always someone looking at it when I come back to it!

  • Terrence Cox


    I always thought these looked like Aardvarks. And I don't mean that in a bad way either. The truth is I think they are gorgeous. And being a fan of turbo cars from the period, I always desired one.

    Thanx Petro for posting this and thanx to the owner for keeping the car running. :)

  • Jonathan Hoonigan Stahl


    My wonderful 88 C900 Turbo.

    Attachments :
    from Columbus, IN, USA
  • Guest (Isaac)


    My first experience with Saab was when my dad bought a used 2001 9-5 Turbo. I loved every part of that car up until he traded it in for his current wheels. Had to be careful in winter when you rolled the window down, or the guides would crack, and he overheated it on his way to work once and blew the head gasket. It was never quite the same after that, but it was still a great car.

    from Duluth, MN, USA
  • Guest (mick van aar)


    as a first year apprentice diesel mechanic i was working on my housemate's bmw 2002, it needed a new master cylinder and she hadn't bought any brake fluid, i asked her to grab my 1988 900 16v 2door to grab some, when she came she asked me how long i had been driving a car with only first and fourth gear.....thta was the end of number one...well
    i new where there was a 900 aero for sale but it needed a new gearbox, i also knew one of them for sale..so instead of buying a gearbox alone a bought a 1987 ( that sight one year older ) aero and a gearbox. at the time i was only 4 months into my apprenticeship but i figured i had the manual !it toke me four full days but i got it done !
    i had so much fun in that car, i could sleep in it with all doors closed and im 6ft3, i was opened her up a bitt on the freeway with a subaru imprezza next to me, at 160 km an hour i found out it was an unmarked police car, he put his alarm on, i het the brakes and he kept going (-:
    i know drive a 9-3 td wagon but one day i would like to get a 900 again for sure!!