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  • Xavier Corral

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    Excellent! I have been daily driving a 1970 Mustang for a few months now. People think its crazy with no heat, no air, manual brakes, and a not-super-waterproof interior. And it is crazy, but seeing other people out there doing the same thing shows me its not too far fetched to drive your dream daily.

  • Alexander Bermudez

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    Xavier, I could not agree with you more. There is no doubt modern cars are better in avery way, but this vary fact makes them too predictable, too comfortable and too effortless to drive, in short, they lack the personality that older cars inherently possess. With that said, modern cars are, in my opinion, wonderful tools to go from A to B, but sometimes the journey is more important than the destination and that is when driving your dream, is a dream come true! Enjoy!

    from Pasadena, CA, USA
  • Dustin Rittle

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    I always love reading or hearing stories like this.. Just shows you what the car hobby is all about and damn i wish i had a car like that for my first car :D you talk about a great american muscle car the Chevy Chevelle is tops on anyones list of great muscle cars. i think we all can take a few lessons from this youngster what true car passion is all about:) i guess the old song was right " see the USA in your Chevrolet "

  • Matthew Lange

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    Great story and proves the younger generation can be into old classic cars

  • Matthew Haber

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    Thats pretty sweet for a first car. I am actually in the process of finding myself a nice classic. Great to see that other youngsters like myself are into the classics

  • Jeff Lannigan

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    Awesome car Seth, and it's great that you plan to keep it (I still have my first car after 25 years).

    only makes about 300 to the wheels
    I got a kick out of this line - at age 40 I have yet to own a car with anywhere close to that.... Seth, I hope you treat that 600hp with respect!