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  • Chris Saddler Sam

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    one of your best videos!
    + it's a beautiful car!

  • Emanuel Costa

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    I hate you Scott! lol
    Surely this video and the other story with the amazing pictures are some of the best moments Petrolicious allowed me to 'live'

    from Lisbon, Portugal
  • Michael Anderson

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    When a friend of mine moved home from California, he shipped his Toyota Corolla back to Spain. At the time, I started thinking about sending my Datsun roadster to Europe and driving it around for a summer.. I don't know if Scott Fisher has convinced me that's a great idea, or if I think we have enough great roads here in the US, or maybe I will beg him to let me follow him to Japan. But his blog, this video, and the great reporting by Petrolicious and others has me well convinced. I have to do something like this soon.

  • Yoav Gilad

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    I may just follow the two of you...

  • Christopher

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    Inspirational road trip. Excellent adventure! Now I want to take my roadster out for a long trip again! Thank you Petrolicious and Scott. :)

  • Craig Wessman

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    I drove my '71 Volvo 142S 9500 miles across the US last year visiting my friend's farm in Iowa on both the out and back legs. Seems that any car of sufficient age and use in rural IA will hit a deer eventually. I used to ask about broken side mirrors but now I know the answer. Had a pleasant dinner with my friend's extended family one night and found the next morning that his sister-in-law had hit a deer on the way home ($4500 damage estimate). This explains why Bambi is not so endearing to them. Here in SoCal I once hit a cardboard box on the freeway ;-)

  • First off, my hat tips to Scott for taking his time to extensively document this big loop and Petrolicious for shining a light on this amazing story! There's just something about taking a vintage car/bike to hit up the road with the bare essentials. Especially in a sports car/roadster, one knows that there's only so much you can bring. I'm not speaking from experience at all, but I can imagine the uncertainty of what comes ahead actually adds to the trip's memoirs. Things that gives you hiccups or side during the journey will bring you to unforeseen findings, exciting explorations, and sometimes new friends.

    One day, I'd like to ride across the land of Canadia with a few mates, from Pacific (where I reside) to the Atlantic, and put it together much like yours, Scott. So thank you once again for the inspiring reads!

    Hope your car didn't sustain any permanent damage and glad that you enjoyed the Canadian hospitality! ;)


  • Jim Bair

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    Bravo, Scott Fisher! Bravo, Petrolicous! Well done, sirs.

  • Guest (K. Chaplin)

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    Highway 33?!? And Ventura. Right?

  • Tony Leong

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    Hey Scott, It's Tony from Calgary. Great to hear you made it. Epic trip man! One day I hope that I can replicate. Take care.