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  • Harry Thompson

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    Excellent as always. It may sound crazy, but the well placed Mobil Pegasus logo always looks good on cars and bikes from this period. You guys may be tired of this, but where was this filmed? My guess is Hwy 33 N of Ojai.

  • Bruce is certainly right about this car checking every box there is; the breath-taking body lines, the immense sounds from the V12, and all that motorsport history behind it. I had some nice ear-buds jammed in (as I always do with Petrolicious videos), and maaaan did that piece of fine machinery give me goosebumps. I have to say, the sequence of dawn/dusk shots starting at 2:58 were simply brilliant! This feature has got to be one of my favorites from you guys. Cheers!

  • Craig Maggio

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    Epic, this is by far one of the best videos you've ever produced, the picture and the sound were overwhelming. The sound of the Ferrari V12 going through the gears brought tears, Thanks for Bruce Meyer sharing this joy.

    from Santa Barbara, CA, USA
  • WOW! WOW! WOW!
    One of the most beautiful sounding engines I've ever heard.
    And yes, also one of the most beautiful Ferrari's ever made as well.
    Just loved listening him rowing through the gears.
    This truly is a special car with it's history.
    Awesome video (once again) Petrolicious.

  • Bradley Price

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    Tremendous video!

  • Guest (Rastislav MAHDAL)

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    Wáú...,cavallino rampante !!! :)

  • Mike Himber

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    My God! It doesn't get any better than that!

  • Redvers Arnold

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    Stunning photography and what a fantastic car

  • David Lord

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    Every feature on this website is an equal in ART to the Automobile featured....beautiful in terms of the visual execution of it, the craftsmanship of the vehicle selected and the joy of owners who speak of their affection.

    Petrolicious is one of the best sites setting itself apart; first by word and image ...and then confirming it often with the word "caretaker"; which is what it is all about.....

    Beautifully and professionally done...thanks

  • Rolf Sigrist

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    It will not get better than this. Congratulations to Bruce for owning/cartaking this design and engineering masterpiece...and many thanks to him for sharing it in the way we all love it ! Excellent presentation by Petrolicious as well !!