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This Well-Documented V8 Porsche Can Be Yours for Way Too Cheap

by Petrolicious Productions / 30 Jun 2014


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  • Benjamin Shahrabani

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    "Way too cheap" could be correct if its a lemon. Too many things can go wrong with these, however if it has been well maintained it could be a bit of a steal...and it has a 5-speed as a bonus.

  • Guest (David)

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    I had one of these in the 90's. After a year of ownership my Accountant sat me down and ran through the bills. It wasn't pretty. I think just a new rear muffler was $2500 alone. Servicing wasn't cheap either. I loved it though. Nice free spinning V8. I still recall cracking 260 kph with four of us in it and it was just effortless.

  • Guest (TJ Martin)

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    1) It is way too cheap . Begging the axiom " If it seems too good to be true .. it probably isn't ... true that is " 2) 928's . All of them . They're a blast to drive . But an abject nightmare to own 3) When alls said and done all bets are in the long run this'll cost you more than buying a good used Panamera or better yet a used 911 . Conclusion ?

    Just Say No !

    from Colorado, USA
  • Ae Neuman

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    folks often forget the depreciated supercar may cost only $5900 to buy but it will still have the maintenance costs of a $50k car.
    caveat emptor !

  • Guest (Erik)

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    No such thing as a cheap Porsche...

  • Paolo Dabala

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    Hello! It is really a good price in my opinion of course.
    Here in Italy this model costs much more.
    I owned 911 3.2 my '85. Unfortunately I had to sell it, but
    I'm thinkig to by a 928 first model. I really
    Love it and i costs much less than a 911.
    Thank you bye!

  • Guest (Chris)

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    I've always loved these cars but have been afraid to own one as well. Finally took the plunge a few months ago and it has been very satisfying. Both driving the car and bringing it back to the state that it deserves to be in. They are complex but also durable. One of the biggest issues is the timing belt/water pump service (which is expensive relative to the cars price), but if it has been done recently along with the other required maintenance then this car does look like a good deal. As long as it drives well of course. These cars are spaceships and for me capture a short period of time that came and went too quickly...

  • braunwagen

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    I've had an 84 S for almost two years now and its been incredibly solid and reliable, its given me almost no trouble outside of a window motor needing replacement. It gets used every week but when I go out of the country for sometimes more than a month, it still starts up without issue. These are like any older Porsche, if you buy one thats been maintained its amazing. It took me years to find a good one. You just have to be smart about purchasing one with maintenance records and get the crucial timing belt / water pump done and ideally one that gets used regularly. They get a bad rap because there are so many awful, ruined ones out there and it brings values down which is a shame. Also crucial to find a mechanic that really knows them, most Porsche dealers don't even really know how, you have to find a specialist. Also just as fun and fast as an 80 SC I had for a few years, just very different.

    from New York, NY, USA