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  • jolocho

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    Blame the aerodynamicists. Racing is all business and science now, little room left for passion.

  • Matthew Lange

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    The 3.0 litre formula was introduced in 1968 because of concerns of the speeds reached by the 7.0 litre Ford Mk IV and Ferrari 330P4. The FIA was concerned about grid sizes so allowed 5.0 litres group 4 sports cars (such as the Mk1 GT40) to make up grid numbers. Porsche and Ferrari exploited this loophole by building 25 each of the Porsche 917 and Ferrari 512S in 69 and 70 respectively. The FIA closed this loophole at the end of 71, but Ferrari had already seen this coming and built the highly successful 312Pb. This took the title in 72 and came second to Matra in 73. Ferrari built an evolution for 74 but new team manager Luca De Montezemolo and new star driver Niki Lauda convinced Enzo that running dual sports car and F1 programmes was not the best use of resources and that they should concentrate on F1. That was the reason Ferrari left sports car racing.

  • Artur D Lara-i Vàsquez

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    stupid f1 rules. cars are ugly, sound crappy, power and speed reduced, and real racing and the spirit of competition has been stripped away.

  • Guest (TJ Martin)

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    The real fact behind Ferrari's exit from endurance and sports car racing was solely financial . Fact is Ferrari has never made a solitary dime of ' profit ' in its entire existence [ and still has yet to do so despite the rhetoric coming from the likes of Montezemolo etc ] and by the time the 70's rolled around its FIAT SpA's owners profits were already on a steady and rapid financial decline despite decades of Italian Government .. tax payer funded bailouts and subsidies . Hence .. barely enough lire to finance Ferrari's F1 escapades and FIAT/Lancia's rally teams .... never mind a sports car team .

    As to Arthur D and others negative comments on the current state of F1 ... a huge two thumbs up ... + 1 etc . F1 having morphed from automotive ' sport ' .. into scripted Spectacle and Travesty with the appearance of Technical ' Theater '

    from Denver, CO, USA
  • Matthew Lange

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    So you are saying that Ferrari (and Fiat Spa's)? accounts are wrong then. I'd say a 15% ebit margin was pretty profitable to me?

    Ferrari is on page 50

  • Guest (Steely)

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    Are Ferrari blowing wind again.. not doing well in F1 for a few years, increased competition for road cars, they should return to sport car racing, that's where its at.

  • Amadeo Destrini

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    I do not blame Sr. M. for his opinion. The Emperor Eccelstone has made F1 his personal plaything over the last decade, changing rules and trying always to put his personal mark on the sport. I believe the sport needs new leadership if it is to stay interesting. I do not watch the races with as much enthusiasm as I once did, as it is less exciting now that it is dominated by one constructor. I would love to see Ferrari go back to sports car racing, and if they abandon F1 to do so, so be it.

  • I for one have lost interest in F1. Too many regulations have driven manufacturers to quit or - as Ferrari has in the past - threaten to quit. It used to excite me. Comparing the sport today would be like trying to compare a 70's Ferrari to a modern Ferrari. It has become too technical for the minds of most car enthusiasts - not to mention political. My fav period was up to the Senna days.
    I would prefer it if Ferrari would go to Sports Cars again.
    PS What the hell happened to the noise? They sound like regul;ar road cars now.

  • Guest (Andrei)

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    F1 is about danger,speed,pushing the limits of the driver .However f1,now,is just a sport where engineers battle each other.The electronics are so much quicker than anybody's brain that leaves the driver with nothing left to do.I love engineering ,expecially automotive engineering but it's ruining f1.I used to love f1 but now it's all ruined...Those v12's v10's were replaced with environmently friendly engines:(I think Ferrari's decision is a good call.

  • Guest (Ian Paul)

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    F1 neither stirs my emotions or has the engineering around aero made me feel that the cars are special. It's become a rather dull business. Endurance racing however is both exciting and technically interesting. LMP1, LMP2 and GT cars stir a great passion within me.
    I have to say that in the US mixing Daytona prototypes and LMP2 has been a disaster, but yesterdays all GT TUSC race at VIR was a classic despite your full course caution rules which are a joke.
    Ferrari need to be in sports cars because we are in some of the best times ever for road sports car/GT design; sports racing cars are also going through a purple period, the two are in perfect harmony; whilst the great clown chief Bernie Ecclestone manipulates F1 to suit his own (and Mercedes) ends

    from Greater London W7, UK