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What Attainable Classic Car Should Be Worth More?

by Ezekiel Wheeler / 9 Oct 2013


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  • Tim Scott

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    Peugeot 205GTi - never to be repeated, as hard as Peugeot have continued to try and replicate the magic.

  • Jake Williams

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    I'd have to say the 240Z. With the effort that went into styling it, it's functionality of being a Japanese hatchback, it's incredible performance and tenability, and it's reasonable cost when it came out, it is a masterpiece and nothing short of one of the best cars to ever come out of the Land of the Rising Sun.

  • Lee Putman

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    The Fiat 124 Spider is a true classic. Lampredi twin cam, Pininfarina body, and full-on Italian sense of road handling. Wouldn't trade either of mine for the world!

  • Ryan Hoyle

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    I agree, but don't think they'll ever really get all that high priced. I think the really early ones might be worth(someday) closer to the 20k mark, but not all of them. At least we'll be able to hold on to them easily, and find parts easily and cheaply!
    I have a Fiat Spider also(1979), and it's awesome.

  • Ray Houghton

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    I have to agree. I have a beautiful example of a 1973 spider that I picked up for $2000 and after about $1300 in bushings, bearings and carb rebuild I ended up with a great, reliable daily driver.

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  • Paul Steel

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    The Alfa GT and Junior 105's (except GTA) still look like good value, but prices are on the up.
    My own classic, Triumph GT6, can still be picked up for a song, as can the MG B, the V8 is tempting me.
    Volvo P1800 seem to have stuck at a level or reduced over the last 12 months.

  • S Lissner

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    In 1970 I bought a low-mileage, Euro-spec 1969 BMW 2002ti. I chose the BMW over the Datsun 240Z—I had the chance to buy one of the first 240Zs available in the USA—because I though the BMW was not only cooler, but more practical, too. In 1971 I totaled the BMW, which had been an unreliable car. About five years later I bought a used 1973 Datsun 240Z, fitted it with Mulholland parts and real Minilite wheels, put in English seats, which proved to be poorly made and uncomfortable, and deblinged the body. The Datsun was cheaply made and rusted out, but was such a lovely, enjoyable car. Today I'd buy neither. I'd get a Subaru BRZ.

  • Elias Holdenried

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    the citroen cx is way to cheap nowadays

    from Stuttgart, Germany
  • Takudzwa Munyaradzi Maramba

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    I think the Mercedes-Benz W126 series cars should definitely be worth more than they are now. Yes a good, well-maintained example will set you back upwards of 20k here in Africa but that's for the top of the range V8 models, the real gems were IMHO the standard wheelbase 2.8/3 liter models. My Dad's 1990 300SE has served as a great, reliable daily driver for 18 years now and even though the maintenance costs are going up it remains a very usable car that is surprisingly underpriced for the quality and performance it delivers.

    from Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Eddie Williams

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    The photo on your Poster says it all. The BMW 2002 should be worth more. IMHO! Let's start with mine.

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