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  • Dustin Rittle

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    Wow so many great pics of this lovely beauty. I for one have always been a huge corvair fan since the first generation came out. One of the biggest reasons why i liked them was because they were so different then almost any other American car at the time. Rear engined, fully independent suspension, turbocharger option just to name a few items it had. I also believe that the second gen corvair was one of the best looking american car at the time this side of the stingray. I always looked to the corvair as basically a European style concept but with a American design and flare and Chevy almost pulled it off. Lets also not forget what Don Yenko and others have been able to do with corvair on the race track. Its a shame not enough people bought them to keep it going but you can never underestimate the power of a cheap v8 and long hood I.E Mustang which out sold the corvair.

  • Guest (David Ball)

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    Very Beautiful car, Mike should be a very proud owner.

  • Greg Vargas

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    Truly, a fine looking automobile. This second generation Corvair has a beautiful body style and great lines. First generations should not be overlooked, also. I love the license plate - VAIRNUT. Congratulations to Mike Fiscus on this car and a great feature in The Collector series.

  • Guest (Bob Cofin)

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    It should be noted for the unfamiliar that the ring gear configuration was the same diameter for all models of the Corvair, and that car pictured has the 140HP engine option, not the 180 HP one.

    from Dobson, NC 27017, USA
  • Michael Squeo

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    Wow. Great to see the '65 Corsa featured here. I owned the '65 140HP four carb version in light metallic blue with a white interior. I think that '65 was the pinnacle of the Corvair. Starting in '66 GM began to decontent the equipment. You can see the first blush of cost savings by looking at the rear lower body panel. In '65 there were two aluminum grills. I think that in '66 it became one painted grill. That was an absolutely incredible car and I wish I still had it. Unfortunately the tin worm took a serious interest in mine. When you mention that you owned a Corvair people look at you funny. They simply had no idea just how well engineered this car was. Kudos to GM for bringing it to market.

  • Keith Kenitzer

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    Great car. Love the "Hurst" style shifter knob. I had an uncle that dabbled in Corvairs for a while until he picked up a somewhat ratty, but very fast 67 Camaro SS that I used to love to go for rides in. The comparison to Porsche's is certainly justified. Just a mild correction to the story, Porsche 356's had swing axle rear suspensions, but 911's, while retaining torsion bars, had independent rear suspension. At any rate, the Corvair was a car ahead of it's time and it's too bad GM couldn't keep developing and selling it.

  • I owned 2 65's both convertibles. The first creme yellow with black top.. bought brand new at age 19. Really a great car.. maybe someday I'll have another. Sigh, so many cars, so little room!

  • Mike Fiscus

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    Corvairs are great cars! I owned the feature car for 33 years! Thanks for all the positive comments.

  • Guest (Nathan Willett)

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    Pretty car. Definitely deserves to be in this list.