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  • That is a beautiful Mustang.It just looks right.The '65 & '66 were my favorite fastbacks.The '68 fastback just doesn't do it for me.
    Don't get me wrong,I still love the styling of these early 'Stangs,but I'll take the '65/66.

    from Ottawa, ON, Canada
  • Dustin Rittle

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    I must admit i was never really a big fan of Mustangs. I always thought they were a bit too common or mainstream for my taste. With that being said a 1965/66 mustang fastback with a v8 in a pretty color like this. Yeah I think I'll take one

  • Greg Nelson

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    Beautiful 'Stang! If I ever hit it big, it'd be a few of these along with the Shelby versions.....in the meantime, I do enjoy my '05 GT.....

  • Clayton Merchant

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    Hands down my favorite Mustang of all time. The early 2+2 Fastback just looked so right ,which I think led to it being the basis for the GT-350 & 500. Knew a kid in high school from a rival school who drove a white '66 with a tweaked 289 hi-po. All he would ever reveal was that it had a fast road cam and headers. A close friend of mine had a '69 Plymouth GTX with a 440 Super Commando converted to a 6 pack, pistol grip shifter and numerous other doo-dads. The kid with the Mustang would always show up and taunt us all saying that would take any of us in the quarter and I never saw him lose. He raced my friends GTX at least 3 times and won all 3. That Mustang was SUPER fast out of the hole and had it been any more than a quarter mile, the GTX would have caught it, once it got all of it's torque put down and the weight moving in the right direction. Good memories.

  • Andreas Lavesson

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    I know it's super cliché, but I certainly wouldn't mind a 390 GT Fastback in Highland Green.

  • Harry Thompson

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    At The Friends of Steve McQueen car show a few weeks ago, there was in fact a Bullitt Charger homage. Along with about a dozen Bullitt Mustangs.

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  • Molly Edwadrs

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