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  • Dustin Rittle

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    this quickly become one of my favorite segments to read when I come to Petrolicious. I love all the pictures and the details it gives you about these great machines. With that being said the Karmann Ghia VW are one of the only few VW I would actually love to have in my collection. It was one of the best looking VW of its time not to mention it had a bit of performance to it. It was such a departure from the usually utilitarian VWs

  • Matthew Lange

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    Interesting car, think I've only seen once once at a Goodwood breakfast a year or two back.

  • Ae Neuman

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    kudos for the period literature in the back seat.

  • Antony Ingram

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    Beautiful. Always preferred these to the Type 14, just that little more elegant with its slightly less rounded forms. Correspondingly more expensive too, thanks to their rarity.