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  • Alec DeJovani


    I still prefer the looks of the 190 that predates this car (not that this one's ugly), but obviously the power of the six cylinder offerings are sorely missed. Now an M130-powered 190 is something worthy of imagination...

  • Dustin Rittle


    If i was only going to have one Mercedes-benz car in my dream collection it would certainly be a tie between the 280SL or the 300 SL Gullwing.

  • L love my 280SL, it is a timeless design and you can drive it 100 MPH all day long. Last year I drove her 1,600 miles on a round trip from Ontario Canada to Williamsburg, Virginia it was truly one of the best automobile trips I've ever taken.

    A collectable car ... you bet your bottom dollar ... in 3 to 5 years from now expect to pay $200K for a mint condition.

    Here is mine ---> http://rolf-dieter.smugmug.com/Photo-Shoot-at-Niagara-Falls/

    from Ontario, Canada