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  • Guest (TJ Martin)

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    Why the 914 is collectable ;

    1) Because public perception has finally caught up with the capabilities of the 914 after decades of the 914 being passed over by collectors
    2) Because its taken so long for #1 to come into play there are very few of them [ especially the 914/6 ] left worth restoring
    3) Because despite public opinion being on the rise there is still a serious negative stigma to 914 ownership .. keeping prices at least somewhat at bay ... for the moment [ thats a hint btw ]

    But ... regardless ... don't be taken in by the myth . There is no such thing as an ' Affordable ' Porsche .. regardless of the initial price tag . Maintenance , parts .. specialists when you need them [ and you will ] all add up a lot quicker than anyone would be willing to admit to .. ;)

    from Denver, CO, USA
  • Guest (Laker)

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    4) Rust has helped demand catch up with supply.

  • Dustin Rittle

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    My friends and I used to say the 914 was the Rodney Dangerfield of Porsches. Its nice to see some people start to warm up to them after all these years.

  • Guest (JHC)

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    I've had my 74 914 2.0 for about 4 years now. Other than changing oil on regular basis, I have not had to do anything to the car to keep it running and that is with the original FI. I'm not saying these cars are infallible because they are not. They do need their fair share of work but keep in mind you are talking about a 40+ year old car. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

  • Guest (Scott)

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    I agree with most of the article and comments except the comment about limited luggage space in the accessories accompaniment. The 914 was blessed with prodigious trunk space, having two of them! My first car was a 914 and my wife (girlfriend then) and I took a lot of road trips, never wanting for extra luggage room. In fact one of our favorite memories was pulling up at an Inn or B&B and unloading the car. The Inn keepers and other guests could never figure out how we fit all that luggage in such a small car! The other advantage never mentioned is how frugal this car is on gas. A regular 26-29 MPG in such a fun car is still a rarity, and was almost unheard of in its day. about 4 years ago I had the good fortune of finding a good '74 2.0 liter and like JHC's it has performed flawlessly for a 40 yr. old. I enjoy working on it and if you go through them thoroughly and maintain them they are very reliable. All in all a unique combination of engineering, unadulterated driving pleasure, economy and style, unlike anything else on the road.

    from Boston, MA, USA
  • Guest (Aaron)

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    Growing up the son of a 914 enthusiast, and later auto crossing them myself, it is great to see the 914 get some recognition. It has some of the most responsive steering and puts even the brand new porsches to shame on the autocross course. The car picture above has one major flaw compared to a factory original. The hood emblem. Original 914's did not have the emblem, as they were considered the ugly duckling of porsches and not worthy of the emblem. Great article though.

  • Guest (JD)

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    Had a Saturn Yellow 914 2.0 from '84 to '99. Second owner. Traded it towards a BMW 325. Regret it till this day. That thing was mint. But after 3 Ohio winters, no heat, no defrost... practicality won.