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  • Dustin Rittle

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    Thank you so much for all these greats pictures of this wonderful triumph. I have been a pretty big Triumph fan for many years now and will always love them. For me the TR6 will always be on the top of that list of British sports cars i want to own badly. I hear some people say sports car are for girls. When they say that to me i always bring up the TR6 in my argument. Yes the TR6 is a sports car but with a muscular edge to it with the squared off chiseled looks. plus the larger tires give it a fighting stance as well. Now if you excuse me i got some TR6s browsing to do :D

  • BiTurbo228

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    I really want one of these, so I hope the market doesn't get ridiculous nay time soon.

    However, I've already got a Spitfire project that involves swapping in a hotted up injected 2.5l Triumph I6, so a TR6 would just be a bigger, slower version of my Spitfire.

    One option would be to supercharge the stock I6, but what I want to do is take the Triumph-developed 2.6l SOHC I6 from a Rover 2600. In stock form it was a little less powerful than the injected OHC (136bhp vs 141bhp net), but I'm thinking some porting, opened up intake and exhaust, a cam and ITB injection should net a good amount of horsepower.

    Plus, it's what I reckon Triumph would have done had they decided to continue evolving the old TR chassis.

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  • Mark Hancheroff

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    Nicely done. The car is really great (as Triumph spitfire owner - I like it!) and the Kit is a good match. The Repair Manual is good humor (and not too far from the truth) :)

  • Matthew Lange

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    Like everything else TR6s seem to be shooting up in value. I'm probably in the minority but I prefer it's big brother the Stag, especially as they are about half the money at the moment.

  • LO Guvna

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    Thanks to the site and Mr Taylor for offering his car for example in this update on the mark. As a contributor to 6-pack.org, I continue to lift this mark as a owner, and do what I can to encourage those to investigate, and look for future stewardship of these cars. I continue to remind many that this version of Triumph will someday be the sought after British sports car - its production, its original problems by design and support, and ultimately by its continued development - which most people have no idea. Today's TR6 is so much stronger than the version that left the production line, even if an owner is chasing originality and concourse. Mr Taylors fine example above even has a Toyota converted gearbox, which is a common upgrade to the car.

    I hope those interested in pursuing the mark will join the members at 6-pack to surf around, read through the forums and get acquainted with what truly is a great all round sports car today - serviceable, reliable, and comfortable at speed on the highway, which is something most British sports cars simply don't have the stones for. Cheers to a member for sharing this on facebook.

    LO Guvna

  • Guest (John Cyg)

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    Thanks to you. A good article a beautiful pictures a of a very nice example of a TR6. I would very much like to see any sales literature that offered an rear anti-sway bar (front anti-sway was standard) and a limited slip differential. Keep up the good work!