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Would You Drive a Classic Car Converted to an Electric?

by Yoav Gilad / 19 Jun 2014


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  • Jake Williams

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  • Guest (Jimmy)

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  • I already do. 1969 bug convertible that is my short range cruiser and a 1984 e30 with 240kw.

  • Joe Griffin

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    Why not, in the mid 1960's, general motors played with the corvair as an electric, while I think the lack of engine noise would be a take away, this is something that would be neat as a commuter, not as a weekend cruiser.

  • Michał Leśniowski

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    Would love to! I guess this solves the problem of old engines with mediocre power and high gasoline consumption. But for sure I wouldn’t switch old Mercedes–Benz V engine for an electric one ;)

    from Krakow, Poland
  • Ryan Hoyle

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    Wow, crazy, I was talking about one day getting a Porsche, but that it'd have to be quite a ways into the future, when gas will likely be very expensive. She said oh just convert it to electric power, and I said ya I could probably do that maaaybe. It would probably be quite a bit different from the way they drive now though.

    All that depends on if gas actually does skyrocket or become hard to find when we move to an alternative energy.

  • Guest (Alex Hemmer)

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    Definitely. I have VW type 2 a/b 1.8L and that engine gives me nothing but grief. In a car like a Kombi van the engine is irrelevant, in stock form you can barely hear it and it's only there the move the thing. Rebuilding such an engine (in Australia at least) costs upwards of $4000. Doing it yourself is easy enough but will still costa couple of grand in genuine parts and you still only end up with 60-70hp. Once electric technology gets cheap enough I will be first in line to do the conversion. I will gladly drop the fussy, fiddly, not particularly economical ship's anchor that motivates my VW bus.

  • Andreas Lavesson

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    I would certainly drive an electrified classic out of sheer curiosity, but I would never own one or do the swap myself. To me, the engine is the heart of the car and I was hesitant even to regular engine swaps for the longest time. However, I could consider swapping a combustion engine, given it's "the right one". No go for an electric though. Efficient and exciting as they can be, I will always favour mechanical over electrical.

  • Fred Owens

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    Absolutely! Drive is the key word. Wouldn't be right to convert a museum piece. Our '53 Kaiser Dragon has nothing to fear. But given the time and a light weight beauty with decent handling, I'd drive it every day. My pipe dream involves a rust-free gen1 Scirocco powered by 9" AC regen motor & Li-ion batteries mounted low. Whooosh! I urge any nonbelievers to try a Tesla S -- utterly awesome!

  • Adam Holter

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    Sure! White Zombie, anybody?

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