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  • Martin Betoni

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    Fantastic video. Thanks so much for producing these week after week.

    Any chance you could provide notes on the music used throughout? It's all terrific!

  • Raman Dooman

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  • Matthew Lange

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    Great video as usual. I had never realised before this that all Zagato cars were coupes!

  • Afshin Behnia

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    Thanks Matt! Actually they did also make roadsters. Some of the pre-war Alfa 8C Zagatos, for example, were roadsters. Andrea does say "only 2 doors" in the video, but not necessarily just coupes.

  • Vincent P

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    SImply perfect. I wonder where in Maryland this car is!? He could be my neighbor as there are some amazing classics floating around out here.

    from Phoenix, MD 21131, USA
  • Christopher Gay

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    Very nice.
    I have played this several times just so my children can hear him waxing in Italian with such sincerity.

    Thanks for sharing.

    from San Diego, CA, USA
  • Jacob Wade

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    I am loving the coverage Zagato has been getting the past few days. Not all of their designs are home runs (Lancia Flavia Sport, I am looking at you!), but in general it is easy to see why Zagato bodies tend to bring more money than a comparable Bertone or Pininfarina. Many of the shapes they pin are pretty extreme, yet somehow also understated and classy. And though you can always tell a Zagato body, the design language never seems to age or go stale.

    Perhaps one day, I can own a Zagato of my own. Perhaps a Fulvia? That would kill to lusts with one stone!

  • Darin Spyderdog

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    in my opinion, a roof line adds so much visual appeal to a sports car. i know they say when the top goes down, the price goes up, but i so feel that losing a roof takes so much away from a car. this thing is insanely beautiful.

  • Thomas Krueger

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    Nice one, big compliments for the video production. Appreciated the italian audio from Signor Zagato!!

    from Genoa, Italy
  • Rob Stitt

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    I love this video! The subject is great, the photography is super, love listening to the melodic italian naration and I absolutely LOVE the soundtrack. One suggestion: please....let me say that again, please start listing the accompany music. Sometimes I wonder if I like the subject of your videos or the music better. Keep'em coming!!