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  • Guest (Ronnie M)


    What a great looking little car. It sounds like an ideal candidate for an electric motor transplant.

  • Bertram Wooster


    Pop had one of these when I was a kid-- what a cool car!

    One night, however, he went to back it up a steep driveway, revved it up, dropped the clutch and BANG! he rolled back down the drive with no reverse. With help, he got it turned around and was able to drive it to the local Honda shop (a motorcycle dealership) where they said "no problem, wait right here." Pop had visions of them tipping the car over and pulling the whole engine out, but reverse was just an external idler gear they replaced in minutes.

  • Guest (adrian)


    I had one.
    At 17 I had a mint Z600 in orange. I thought I had a mini Datsun 240 Z. Slow.....well not so slow for the type. With a non synchro gearbox it was fun. And what I discovered is that you could rev her right into the red, then on past the red and she would still be producing good power. Zero engine issues, Revved beyond the red every day. Way quicker than an 850 mini and a better top speed as long as you ignored that red line.
    Great great fun.
    Sadly they rusted from new, mine lived long after in my office as an object d'art!
    Well remembered wish i had it.
    Adrian in the UK

  • Guest (charles)


    It has personality...