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  • Dustin Rittle


    These are the automotive stories i love to hear. it just reaffirms why i love the hobby so much and yes i was i could have drove a BMW 2002 to highschool or anytime for that matter!

  • Doug Churchill


    A pair of downdrafts?? That's a first.
    Great story and a great looking car. The '02 is probably the most modified car ever to be altered/built/rebuilt/modified or rest-modded. I have seen or heard of engines from m3's and m5's, Chev 327's, twin turbo's and blowers being stuffed into or onto these cars. I even heard someone was grafting the '02 body onto a Subie WRX which isn't easy as the Subie is a uni-body necessitating a roll cage to join the two. They are such a brilliant example of taking something simple that becomes the canvas for such inspired backyard engineering and yet remains fundamentally true to it's origins.

    It is BMW.

    Yes, I have one as well.

  • Ae Neuman


    one of the best cars ever from bmw.
    where's the 21st century 2002 ?
    current bmw's are so meh !

  • Rick Dougan


    I'm convinced rebuilding a 280Z from 1999 to 2002 got me into the Mechanical Engineering program at Berkeley also. In the end I'm not sure it was the right choice of program for me, but it sure was a killer entrance essay.

  • Cameron Prescott


    I saw this car at the Greenwich Concours this year in the spectator lot. It was one of the coolest cars I saw all day.

    Attachments :
    from Worcester, MA 01606, USA
  • David Velez


    Any pictures of the engine? I would love to see the downdraft carbs setup

  • Cari Jackson


    this article and the photography make me want to do some fall roadtripping down in the Fingerlakes.