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  • Dustin Rittle


    I have always loved hearing stories like this about when someone is young and they see a car and it just sticks with them the rest of their life. You think the moment is just insignificant until years later when you own the car you saw all those years ago. This is a very nice example of a MG and i wouldnt mind taking it for a spin :). I really love the interior shot in the pictures. I think everyone needs to have at least one British sports car in there dream collection. We live in a world about huge horsepower numbers and million dollar exotics which are nice for the most part but its nice to get back to basics and i think the MG is right where its at..thanks for the post.

  • Guest (Jason Wright)


    That's a really nice article. Such a beautiful clean looking design but often gets over looked. I own a 1969 MGB GT and whilst I had it on the dyno today (112bhp) I got talking with a very nice old gentleman who was there with his E-Type Jag. This guy is a complete petrol head and he was really praising his two MGA's that he owns. One has the same engine in as my B, the Oselli 1950cc fast road engine, and the other is the very rare twin cam. After a long chat he invited myself and my girlfriend over to his place for a coffee. The two MGA's were the highlight from a very eclectic collection of cars including a pre war Lagonda and a Porsche 356. The Austin Healy used to be a favorite of mine but after spending some time 'inspecting' the MGA I have to say this has moved higher up my wish list.
    Great article and a fantastic car, thanks for sharing.

    from Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK
  • Guest (Mark Noone)


    Absolutely beautiful car and one of two cars I am battling over to be my next car/wishlist. One thing surprised me was the driver saying it was comfortable cruising at 80mph as the 1500 MGA lacked an overdrive. Very jealous of Jason's experience as it sounds like his conversations with the E type owner led to a really memorable day :-)

    from Burghfield, West Berkshire, UK
  • Jose Ignacio Guerra


    Great Story and nice car, as an MGA restorer I can share some feels with Phil, The MGA was made for fun and this little car have everything to expend time watching it´s curves and to take fun drives, congrats to the owner to preserve his BMC legacy, as well I want to share with him this link that help a lot to any MGA enthusiast or owners http://www.mgaguru.com have everything related with MGA´s the web site by itself is classic I believe this site have the same shape and style since the Internet appear in the 90´s made by one of the most expertise MGA guy that I know who is Barney Gaylord.

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  • Phil Auldridge


    From the owner-- Yes, it really will buzz along at 80 mph indefinitely (on level ground), and seems very happy with the 4,500 RPM required to do so. My own car has been retrofitted with a lower (numerically) ratio rear end from a MGB and that helps give its cruising legs. And, of course, any MGA owner who hasn't discovered mgaguru.com is missing a wealth of information. I've communicated with Barney on a number of occasions. He always seems to have the answer for anything in the MGAdom!

    from Austin, TX, USA