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  • Andreas Lavesson

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    I've never was a huge fan of the 924 to be honest. I don't care that it's got front-mounted engine, I just though that it looked a little too mundane and the fact that it got an underpowered Audi engine has always bothered me. Obviously coupled with the fact that they went back in time as far as braking is concerned, as you mentioned.

    However, as I've grown older (yet still quite young), I've come to appreciate classic cars even more and I've also realized, lo and behold, that a car is so much more than the horsepower figures and 0-60 times it can produce. While I still prefer the 944, chiefly because of the slightly more butch styling, and stronger perfromance (if I'm allowed to be a bit contradictory), I must admit that the 924 has grown quite a bit on me. If I were to buy one though, it would have to be 924S with the improved braking, additional gear and the Porsche engine or none at all. I know I'm being a bit of a hypocrite here, but the 924 subject has got me a little bit torn...

  • Matthew Lange

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    Have a soft spot for the water cooled Porsches having spent many of my formative years riding in the back of my Dad's various Porsche 928s and later have a 944S2 of my own. Must admit I would be tempted by a 924 Turbo today if I could find a nice one. a Carrera GT would be even better but they are in a much higher price bracket.

  • PawnSacrifice

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    Excellent archive images, properly cool. I too never really liked the 924, until about 5-7 years ago, when the shape stopped looking dated and became somewhat likeable. I actually now prefer the smoother lines to the butcher 944. Most days. A few years back I started to ready good reviews. I bought one and liked it so much I now have 2, both 924 Ss. There is little between the 150 and 160 bhp motors; if anything the 150bhp engine feels stronger - peak torque is lower in the rev range. But that doesn't really matter, the car's so much fun to drive. And work on.

    The 924 is definitely having something of a renaissance, in the UK at least. Prices are following the 968 and '44 upwards. They're also getting column inches in the magazines again. And meeting the public? The response is incredible, I've had people cross the road to come and chat when I'm working on it (it's no Daytona, eh, Matthew ;)), and a surprising number of people have 924 stories to share, from back in the day.

  • Matthew Lange

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    Ha Matt, it does share the Daytonas layout just needs 8 more cylinders! :p I wish I could work on the Daytona but that would require me to know something about working on engines!

  • Bruce Nunnally

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    At the time we said the 1983 944 2.5L made 143 hp (not 150 hp). This may be a hp unit translation issue? With the wider fenders and shaping the 944 looked remarkably like the 924 race models, and was a much improved look. The 924 shared a bit too much resemblance to the RX-7 by comparison.

  • Ae Neuman

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    poor old us buyers got a double- watered down version.
    over in europe we got 125bhp, which was good enough to push the car to 125mph, not bad in the day.

    the only real niggles were a poor interior layout, mainly the non-adjustable steering wheel set too low, heavy non-assisted steering and only four ratios in the gearbox.

    in typical porsche fashion these problems were eventually fixed in later editions.

    my favourites are the carrera gt and 924s

  • Kuroneko

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    Wedged between my 356, and 911S in the garage, my wife's 924 was never great road-burner. It was however a moderate performer, a great handling car, and a definite successor to the 914s I was working on at the time (and possibly the Karmann Ghia the 356 replaced too).

    Take that big sunroof out, wind the windows down, and snick snick snick with that fat little gear knob up and down through some tight twisty bits and it was however as enjoyable as many other supposedly greater cars. As noted too, easy to work on, reliable, and with parts relatively inexpensive from the parallel VW/Audi Gruppe it's sure to appreciate as others come to the same realizations.

    Thanks for the memories, that green with beige matches perfectly. Neko.

  • Dave T

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    Am I the only one who was a little disappointed to discover Daylit Lobster Network is not a real band?