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  • Knowing Kent and Andrew for a handful of years, Kent and his 210 have always struck me as the truest example of local Datsun enthusiast. Although we rarely see each other, I can expect this pair attending the annual All Japan Classics Meet at Spanish Banks and it is a real treat every time seeing this gem. The pictures doesn't do enough justice to the car (no offense to Sir Tsang and Kent :D), I urges the Petrolicious crew to consider doing a video feature of it. It's definitely one that's kept in immaculate shape while the personal touches really speak "drive tastefully" like no other Datsun here.

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  • Dustin Rittle

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    This is actually a very nice little Datsun in this article. This is one big reason i love Petrolicious you get to see all the exotic and wonderful cars but you get to see little gems like this that most people would just walk by and not really care about but you when you see like this you really start to appreciate it. A car doesnt always have to be exotic or fast to be cool. This Datsun is just a simple small car but it looks rather nice with that red paint job. Also those extra driving lights just the sets the whole thing off..good article keep up the good work guys

  • Guest (Kenny)

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    Thank you all for the kind words.

  • Guest (Guest)

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    It's a B10, not 210. Shame there's no engine bay pics. What wheels and hubcaps has it got?

  • Guest (Andrew)

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    They originally came from a Corolla. Kent doesn't like showing his engine bay because he thinks it looks dirty and not much to look at.

  • My mistake there, was typing away too quickly at work.

  • Guest (Steve)

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    Very nice looking little classic. Reminds me of a Hillman Imp.

    from Virginia, USA
  • BiTurbo228

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    I do love Japanese design from this era. Maybe it's because I'm European, and they were basing most of their designs quite closely on them at that time (often doing it better than the cars they were influenced by).

    There's definite Fiat 124 Coupe in the side profile. By no means a bad thing :)