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What Would You Like to See More of?

by Yoav Gilad / 24 Apr 2014


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  • James Honderich

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    Though Petrolicious already does a fine job in regards to featuring air-cooled Porsches; I'd love to see even more coverage of said autos!

  • Guest (SeanC)

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    I started to notice how many times I followed a link back to this site, and spent some time really diving in. I've read through virtually every photo essay and watched nearly every video. The photography is top notch with a great aesthetic that compliments the overall theme, and the video productions reflect that well too. I concluded that I have cars you guys have never featured and stepped up to submit... and realized that the preference is for big money, super rare, highly-restored cars.

    To that point, you've done a great job of masking the money behind the aura of desire and design; and the almost universal interest automotive enthusiasts have for these cars. But just once, I'd like to stumble upon an automotive site that can transcend the unattainable and concourse perfection and convey the passion of enthusiasts that do their own work, do their own thing, are mid-way through their projects on a car that is within their means and ability which they genuinely love and thoroughly understand.

    Don't get me wrong, the pieces on zagotos and other gorgeous, perfect cars are alluring. I love hearing the engines, seeing how the suspension reacts, and observing little details I didn't know about. Because I will otherwise never see one in the flesh. Some of these characters, like in the Oakland, Tatra and XK videos, are practically more interesting than the cars; which is fantastic. But honestly we're all driving around in Volvos or Miatas. It would be great if someone could respectfully end the suspended disbelief that a great number of people are really priced out of playing with the big boys; but are quite happy tossing around their project that's be no means perfect but perfect to them.

  • Raul Andrei

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    Lamborghini, more Italian heritage, more about Italian designers and automotive engineers...i love italian automotive heritage
    also 70s 80s and 90s concepts

    from Timișoara, Romania
  • Reginald Warlop

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    How about featuring lesser known cars - like Pagaso or Bucciali's? You could also cover some interesting innovations introduced by the cars (e.g. the Bucciali was the first and probably the only front wheel driven car with two inline 8 engines linked up). I'm always surprised to discover how early technologies like 4x4 or overdrive were invented and put into production cars.

  • Guest (Russ Seuffert)

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    I love this site. Very nicely done with fine photographs. I really wouldn't change anything, however just a suggestion . . . I'd like to see the Honda S2000 featured along with one or more of the earlier ones from the 60's, the S500, S600 or S800.

    from New Jersey, USA
  • Guest (Jeff)

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    Mr. Gilad,

    Thank you for this work of art you have created. I have been blessed in many ways in life, and Petrolicious is one of these blessings. One extraordinary thing you could do would be to conduct driving events where your guests were able to gently test drive a variety of automobiles, both vintage and new. Various sponsors would have an interest (including vintage car showrooms such as The Stable in Gladstone, NJ), and a fee could be collected for charity, operations costs and a small profit. Perhaps we could speak over the next few days about organizing this.

    from New York, NY, USA
  • victor ceicys

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    A genuine smile car: NSU TT.

  • I am an Alfista and love the cars that come from Italy. However that does not mean I am not interested in cars that were made outside Italy. I also prefer handling over power.
    In general cars that are different get my attention, different in design (that doesn't mean they have to be beautiful), different in technology. And of course the lesser known cars and the underdogs. And the vintage racing cars.
    What I also like is to read (or watch videos) about the owners of a vehicle that have a special story.

  • Guest (Jorge)

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    Did anyone ever mention Lotus? and more generally, British cars. And Venturi, Matra, Pegaso, Hispano Suiza, Riley, EMW... There are plenty of smaller brands with a very interesting history and covering almost all fields. And I am sure there is interesting people around those less named brands.

  • Guest (Ernesto Rosa)

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    You guys do an excellent job.
    I love the italian videos!!!
    I miss them.