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  • Dustin Rittle


    I must thank you for the tons of great pictures of this heavy Chevy. I think the article hits the nail on the head with regards to the Chevelle and why its a collectable car. The chevelle at least to me was always a decent looking car with one mission in life to torment those tires and make that m.p.h needle to slide past 60 before you knew what hit you. It wasnt meant to be agile or sporty it was meant for the stop light grand prix and the 454 chevelle was just the pinnacle of that thinking. I wanna go out looking for a Chevelle right now :D

  • Guest (John Glance)


    Love looking at this Chavelle. My dad bought a 1970 Chevelle SS454 new in 1970 (Maybe late '69 - his was gold with black racing stripe) and shipped it to Germany where we were stationed for military duty. We drove it for the years we were there all over Europe in family vacations. Incredible car - I can still remember being in the back seats with my brother and sister listening to CCR on the 8 track and watching the European landscape fly by. Brings back a lot of great memories. Thanks!

    from Gräfelfing, Germany
  • Christopher Gay


    I always liked the Chevelles. Truth be told, back in the day if a Chevelle was ever along side me on a freeway on ramp, it wouldn't matter how fast I could pull through those four speeds in my 289, I would always be looking at the back end of that Chevelle. Those cars are real fast bone stock.

    I did drive a '65 El Camino, or should I say, "coupe utility vehicle," for many years. This was a great car/truck/vehicle as well.

    from San Diego, CA, USA
  • Andreas Lavesson


    When I first became interested in muscle cars, the Chevelle was probably my favourite. Personally I prefer the '69 and '70, but these are quite striking too. Although I've broadened my muscle car horizon now, I still keep coming back to the Chevelle time and time again.