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  • Dustin Rittle

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    Honda with a big stereo does sum up alot about the current generation don't it :)(joke). Well its nice to the ole Mustang being taken care of and enjoyed. I must admit i was never really the biggest fan of Mustangs growing up but seeing this one in its pretty blue paint job as it hustle itself down the track is definitely a pretty sight. Then again i do enjoy seeing mostly any classic car fly down the race tack.

  • Great pictures Peter !! Fist time I see real great vintage colors :)

  • Antony Ingram

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    Fantastic photography. Kudos on the interior shot too, always good to see the driver's environment.

    As for the Honda vs Mustang decision, I can understand the appeal of small, sporty Hondas, but I can't believe I'd ever make the decision to choose one if the opportunity to own a Mustang came up. That kid needs his priorities straightened out! (To be fair, he'll probably regret his decision at some point...)

  • Guest (samesame)

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    Wow, the car sure does look different without photoshop though.